Sunday, March 9, 2014

WARDROBE: On rotation

Just a few of my current favourites... 

Seed Heritage 'Tyler' sandals | Sukin Sensitive facial moisturiser | Chanel Rouge Coco 'Taffetas Rose' lipstick | Karen Walker 'Lightning Bolt' ring | ManiaMania 'A Woman There Was' necklace |
Chloe Roses de Chloe perfume | Essie 'Waltz' nail polish 

/ S A N D A L S / I used to feel really self-conscious about wearing sandals because I didn't want anyone to look at my toes, but after too many uncomfortable days (years) of sweating it out in closed shoes, I decided to stop caring. Oh boy, has Summer been so much better since. Hopefully the weather stays relatively warm so I can keep wearing this cute pair from Seed - I'm not ready for boots and coat season yet!

/ W H I T E / N A I L S / Who isn't obsessed with white nails?! Also, who knew that Priceline stocks Essie?! Not that I'm complaining.

/ R O S E S / D E / C H L O E / My "signature" perfume for the year, when I remember to put it on.

/ L I P S T I C K / I don't wear any makeup on a regular basis besides lipstick because I'm too lazy and I don't know how to apply anything (someone please teach me!). I mean it. My makeup application skills are at lipstick level. Anyway, I picked up this Chanel lipstick in Singapore and it's amazing. So so flattering.

/ S U K I N / I've used Sukin products for a while now but recently switched to the Sukin Sensitive range for my facial moisturiser after my skin started appearing red and blotchy after hot showers. I use it with the Sukin rosehip oil and keep on getting comments on how great my skin is looking, so I guess it's working some kind of magic!

/ K W / Love her jewellery and the girl who gave me this (hi Tiffany!).

/ MA N I A M A N I A / This is a piece that had to grow on me... I wasn't sure what to wear it with before but now I just throw it on with everything. I love how it's a statement necklace that isn't too flashy. Trust me, ManiaMania is worth the splurge.

Anyway, it's good to be home but I am missing being on holiday! I had an amazing time in Vietnam and Melbourne though, so will be sharing snaps soon xx

Friday, February 7, 2014


It's almost unbelievable how it's February already. 

Even more so how I'm on holidays starting from today - WOOHOO!! I'm jetting off to Vietnam tonight for 10 days, before heading off to Melbourne for another six. It's been so long since I've been overseas (5 years) and since I've had a proper holiday - away from Sydney, no internships, no uni and definitely no work. I almost can't believe this is happening.

Anyway, I have to go now so enjoy some photos from Exxopolis (January). Bye!! 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Outfits from 2013 - Part II

When it comes to personal style, 2013 was definitely an interesting year. I work in a pretty laidback office where t-shirts and jeans are always acceptable, but since I have an impeccably dressed boss and the other ladies are always well dressed, I definitely wanted to make a good impression. I even started brushing my hair. (Not trying to be funny). 

Of course, you won't see any of that in my outfits here because I took every opportunity I had on days off and weekends to dress as work-inappropriately as I could. Sorry (not sorry). 2013 was also The Year of Windsor Smith...I admit it. I'm obsessed. Flatforms forever! 

Now let's get this over and done with so I can finally post about 2014! 

Sydney is beautiful.

 The Reformation 'Boa' top - Cheap Monday jeans - ToniMay necklace

Sass & Bide dress - Sportsgirl heels - Benah bag 

 Jac + Jack tee - Urban Outfitters skirt - French Sole flats - 
ManiaMania necklace - hand-me-down bag 

 The Reformation dress - Sol Sana sandals - hand-me-down bag

Therese Rawsthorne top - Dion Lee Line II skirt - Benah bag -
Windsor Smith sandals - 3.1 Phillip Lim sunglasses

Rollas top - Witchery skirt - ManiaMania necklace - 

 Rollas top - Ellery skirt - ToniMay necklace - Windsor Smith sandals -
Marc by Marc Jacobs bag - Viparo jacket 


photo credits: Nathaniel (1, 6, 7), me (2), Anne (3), Mum (4), Tiffany  (5 & 8)